Sciatica SOS Review

Sciatica SOS Review

Have you ever heard of sciatica? Well, chances are you have, seeing as 1. You’re on this site and 2. almost 20% of all Americans suffer from sciatica at some point in their life. When it comes to men over 40 years old, the number gets as high as 40%. And, to be more specific, almost half of all the people diagnosed with sciatica have it as a chronic condition. So, what exactly is it?

sciatica sos review


The term sciatica describes a variety of symptoms, rather than a single disease – it’s a medical condition of pain going down the leg from the lower back. Sometimes the symptoms are so minor they easily get dismissed as just soreness or tiredness and can go away on their own. However, in most cases, the sharp stabbing pain proves to be a major disability and often prevents people from living normal active lives. What causes early onset sciatica in healthy adults remains largely unknown, but the diagnosis is usually very easy and the condition most commonly gets linked to a prior back injury, especially spinal disc herniation or a compression of the lumbar or sciatic nerves. As both the diagnosis and the treatment are fairly simple, doctors often don’t pay much attention to patients suffering from sciatica, and their condition can become chronic even with the prescribed treatment. That’s when things start to get messy. Treating a chronic condition with general purpose painkillers is dangerous and ineffective, so people are forced to live with reduced mobility and debilitating pain throughout their lives. Searching for alternative treatments is no easy task when yo realize how many scams and false advertisements are there online. During my own search for an alternative approach to sciatica, I came across a very helpful and interesting book.

It’s called “Sciatica SOS” and its main goal is to instruct you on how to manage, treat and completely cure your condition. It offers a completely natural approach to treating sciatica, a one that’s based on thousands of years worth of knowledge used in Nepalese medicine. What makes it different from other sciatica-related products is that it doesn’t contain the treatment to the condition itself. Instead, it works by teaching you how to treat and eliminate the condition by yourself.

The author of the book, Glen Johnson, isn’t a doctor or a professional
glen johnson, author of sciatica soswriter, just a regular 44-year old dad who managed to eliminate this debilitating condition completely. Diagnosed with sciatica pretty early, at 41, he soon became completely overwhelmed with the condition, which made his life turn around entirely. His sciatica made him unable to participate in all kinds of normal daily activities without experiencing severe pain. Unable to climb stairs or even play with his kid without assistance, he sought help from a Nepalese healer. When the methods he used made all of his pain go away in almost less than a week, he partnered up with his healer neighbor in order to put her knowledge and expertise to good use and write a book that can help other people facing the same condition.

How Sciatica SOS Works

This is a book that’s meant to be your ultimate, comprehensive guide to sciatica. It starts off by teaching you all about this condition – what causes it and why, how it manifests in your body, why can it be dangerous, etc. It offers simple and honest answers to any questions you might have ever had about sciatica, thus effectively demystifying the condition. The author believes that by getting to know your condition makes you one big step closer to curing it.

After you’ve finished learning everything there is to know about sciatica, the guide proceeds to instruct you on how to treat it. There are literally a hundred pages dedicated to simple, step-by-step instructions and explanations to make everything go smooth and help you get a better understanding. You’ll learn about the natural remedies that mimic the effects of various pain-suppressing drugs and how they work. You’ll get detailed instructions on how to implement them into your daily diet so you’ll never think of them as medications. You’ll get extensive lists of herbs and ways to prepare and consume them. You’ll also get a pretty accurate prognosis of the course of the treatment, so you can check on it and see how far you’ve come.

There are many benefits to this particular treatment that go beyond just treating your sciatica. The remedies you’ll be making and taking will affect your entire body and make you calmer and more relaxed. Your nerves will stop being tense and stiff and return to their natural, healthy state. It came as an incredible surprise to me when I realized all the ways sciatica affects your body. It’s not just your legs – it’s trouble sleeping, stiff neck, GI problems, bad posture, headaches, and anxiety. Treating the cause removes all of these symptoms, and  that’s where the real value of this book lies.

You’ll also get to learn about how exactly did the Nepalese treat this condition and why their method is the one that has the most long-term effect. Curing isn’t that hard or complicated, but preventing the condition from appearing again is. You’ll be recommended which steps to take in order to ensure that your sciatica stays a thing of the past.

What You Get

You know how they say “less is more”? Well, as true as it sometimes may be, it’s definitely not the case when it comes to this product. Although the main book itself is more than enough to get you on the road to recovery, there’s no harm in getting some extra reading material, right? There’s a limited offer on the Sciatica SOS website right now, and it’s fantastic. Not only will you get the book you originally wanted, you’ll also get a ton of additional content for free. There’s a book about natural healing, a book about resolving your sleep issues, a book about managing your stress, etc. They’re great follow-ups for the main sciatica book, and when read and implemented together make a really wholesome natural healing experience.

Why Is This Better Than Regular, Western Treatment?

There’s no better or worse treatment, there’s only treatment that does or doesn’t work. When it comes to sciatica, the fact is that treatment with western medicine often fails to provide results. There are of course cases where the condition gets successfully treated and even cured with prescription drugs. But for all the other cases, more than half of them exactly, this alternative herbal treatment just gets better and faster results, especially if the condition is chronic.

Sciatica SOS FAQ

  • How Can I Be Sure It’ll Work For Me?

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed or have fought the battle with sciatica for some time now, chances are you’re going to benefit from this treatment. All of the remedies are made from herbs and other natural ingredients, so there’s no damage done to your body. These remedies can even help reduce the damage painkillers often do to your stomach and intestines. The treatment has been tested out thoroughly, and you can read the testimonials made by thousands of satisfied customers around the world. Trust me, there’s no downside to just trying this treatment, not to mention the 7-day effectiveness guarantee that it comes with.

  • What If It Still Doesn’t Work?

No matter how good or effective the treatment is, there’s always people it doesn’t work on. The same also goes with this specific sciatica treatment. Every person reacts differently to the same remedy, so there is a slight chance it fails to treat your condition. If this happens to you, or you just don’t like what you bought, you can always get your money back it. Just call or email the customer service on the website and tell them. You’ll be completely reimbursed, no questions asked, completely guilt-free, and you get to keep the book you got. With a deal this crazy, you know both the author and the team behind this guide are completely sure of its effectiveness.

  • Are There Any Cons I Should Be Aware Of?

This is a digital edition book, which means you download all the content. Some people prefer to have a hard-copy when it comes to health guides, so this might deter them from buying.

There’s also the confusion that often comes with this type of natural treatments. Thanks to sensationalist marketing, people often think they’re buying a miraculous, two-second cure to their condition. The fact is, this product isn’t a cure itself, just a guide that teaches you how to treat sciatica on your own. People rush into it and then almost always return the product angry and disappointed. It takes effort and dedication to see results, so I advise you skip this book if you’re not ready to put some work into it.

So, Should I Buy It?

Yes! This is a very sincere recommendation since it helped me treat and manage my own condition. Even if it fails to cure it completely, you’ll give your body time to recover from all the damage, and also can help you boost your overall health. Listen to thousands of satisfied, healthy customers, take advantage of the crazy good deal that’s on right now, and get started on the road to complete recovery.

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