Sciatica SOS Review

Sciatica SOS Review

Have you ever heard of sciatica? Well, chances are you have, seeing as 1. You’re on this site and 2. almost 20% of all Americans suffer from sciatica at some point in their life. When it comes to men over 40 years old, the number gets as high as 40%. And, to be more specific, almost half of all the people diagnosed with sciatica have it as a chronic condition. So, what exactly is it?

sciatica sos review


The term sciatica describes a variety of symptoms, rather than a single disease – it’s a medical condition of pain going down the leg from the lower back. Sometimes the symptoms are so minor they easily get dismissed as just soreness or tiredness and can go away on their own. However, in most cases, the sharp stabbing pain proves to be a major disability and often prevents people from living normal active lives. What causes early onset sciatica in healthy adults remains largely unknown, but the diagnosis is usually very easy and the condition most commonly gets linked to a prior back injury, especially spinal disc herniation or a compression of the lumbar or sciatic nerves. As both the diagnosis and the treatment are fairly simple, doctors often don’t pay much attention to patients suffering from sciatica, and their condition can become chronic even with the prescribed treatment. That’s when things start to get messy. Treating a chronic condition with general purpose painkillers is dangerous and ineffective, so people are forced to live with reduced mobility and debilitating pain throughout their lives. Searching for alternative treatments is no easy task when yo realize how many scams and false advertisements are there online. During my own search for an alternative approach to sciatica, I came across a very helpful and interesting book.

It’s called “Sciatica SOS” and its main goal is to instruct you on how to manage, treat and completely cure your condition. It offers a completely natural approach to treating sciatica, a one that’s based on thousands of years worth of knowledge used in Nepalese medicine. What makes it different from other sciatica-related products is that it doesn’t contain the treatment to the condition itself. Instead, it works by teaching you how to treat and eliminate the condition by yourself.

glen johnson sciatica sos

The author of the book, Glen Johnson, isn’t a doctor or a professional writer, just a regular 44-year old dad who managed to eliminate this debilitating condition completely. Diagnosed with sciatica pretty early, at 41, he soon became completely overwhelmed with the condition, which made his life turn around entirely. His sciatica made him unable to participate in all kinds of normal daily activities without experiencing severe pain. Unable to climb stairs or even play with his kid without assistance, he sought help from a Nepalese healer. When the methods he used made all of his pain go away in almost less than a week, he partnered up with his healer neighbor in order to put her knowledge and expertise to good use and write a book that can help other people facing the same condition.

How Sciatica SOS Works

This is a book that’s meant to be your ultimate, comprehensive guide to sciatica. It starts off by teaching you all about this condition – what causes it and why, how it manifests in your body, why can it be dangerous, etc. It offers simple and honest answers to any questions you might have ever had about sciatica, thus effectively demystifying the condition. The author believes that by getting to know your condition makes you one big step closer to curing it.

After you’ve finished learning everything there is to know about sciatica, the guide proceeds to instruct you on how to treat it. There are literally a hundred pages dedicated to simple, step-by-step instructions and explanations to make everything go smooth and help you get a better understanding. You’ll learn about the natural remedies that mimic the effects of various pain-suppressing drugs and how they work. You’ll get detailed instructions on how to implement them into your daily diet so you’ll never think of them as medications. You’ll get extensive lists of herbs and ways to prepare and consume them. You’ll also get a pretty accurate prognosis of the course of the treatment, so you can check on it and see how far you’ve come.

There are many benefits to this particular treatment that go beyond just treating your sciatica. The remedies you’ll be making and taking will affect your entire body and make you calmer and more relaxed. Your nerves will stop being tense and stiff and return to their natural, healthy state. It came as an incredible surprise to me when I realized all the ways sciatica affects your body. It’s not just your legs – it’s trouble sleeping, stiff neck, GI problems, bad posture, headaches, and anxiety. Treating the cause removes all of these symptoms, and  that’s where the real value of this book lies.

You’ll also get to learn about how exactly did the Nepalese treat this condition and why their method is the one that has the most long-term effect. Curing isn’t that hard or complicated, but preventing the condition from appearing again is. You’ll be recommended which steps to take in order to ensure that your sciatica stays a thing of the past.

What You Get

You know how they say “less is more”? Well, as true as it sometimes may be, it’s definitely not the case when it comes to this product. Although the main book itself is more than enough to get you on the road to recovery, there’s no harm in getting some extra reading material, right? There’s a limited offer on the Sciatica SOS website right now, and it’s fantastic. Not only will you get the book you originally wanted, you’ll also get a ton of additional content for free. There’s a book about natural healing, a book about resolving your sleep issues, a book about managing your stress, etc. They’re great follow-ups for the main sciatica book, and when read and implemented together make a really wholesome natural healing experience.

Why Is This Better Than Regular, Western Treatment?

There’s no better or worse treatment, there’s only treatment that does or doesn’t work. When it comes to sciatica, the fact is that treatment with western medicine often fails to provide results. There are of course cases where the condition gets successfully treated and even cured with prescription drugs. But for all the other cases, more than half of them exactly, this alternative herbal treatment just gets better and faster results, especially if the condition is chronic.

Sciatica SOS FAQ

  • How Can I Be Sure It’ll Work For Me?

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed or have fought the battle with sciatica for some time now, chances are you’re going to benefit from this treatment. All of the remedies are made from herbs and other natural ingredients, so there’s no damage done to your body. These remedies can even help reduce the damage painkillers often do to your stomach and intestines. The treatment has been tested out thoroughly, and you can read the testimonials made by thousands of satisfied customers around the world. Trust me, there’s no downside to just trying this treatment, not to mention the 7-day effectiveness guarantee that it comes with.

  • What If It Still Doesn’t Work?

No matter how good or effective the treatment is, there’s always people it doesn’t work on. The same also goes with this specific sciatica treatment. Every person reacts differently to the same remedy, so there is a slight chance it fails to treat your condition. If this happens to you, or you just don’t like what you bought, you can always get your money back it. Just call or email the customer service on the website and tell them. You’ll be completely reimbursed, no questions asked, completely guilt-free, and you get to keep the book you got. With a deal this crazy, you know both the author and the team behind this guide are completely sure of its effectiveness.

  • Are There Any Cons I Should Be Aware Of?

This is a digital edition book, which means you download all the content. Some people prefer to have a hard-copy when it comes to health guides, so this might deter them from buying.

There’s also the confusion that often comes with this type of natural treatments. Thanks to sensationalist marketing, people often think they’re buying a miraculous, two-second cure to their condition. The fact is, this product isn’t a cure itself, just a guide that teaches you how to treat sciatica on your own. People rush into it and then almost always return the product angry and disappointed. It takes effort and dedication to see results, so I advise you skip this book if you’re not ready to put some work into it.

So, Should I Buy It?

Yes! This is a very sincere recommendation since it helped me treat and manage my own condition. Even if it fails to cure it completely, you’ll give your body time to recover from all the damage, and also can help you boost your overall health. Listen to thousands of satisfied, healthy customers, take advantage of the crazy good deal that’s on right now, and get started on the road to complete recovery.

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137 Responses to Sciatica SOS Review

  1. Glen says:

    A physical therapist taught me this. Lie on the floor flat on your back. Draw up knee, aim toward opposite shoulder and gently pull down. To tweak this for a better stretch, with your other hand pull heel down while supporting the knee in the same position. This stretches the muscles that cross the buttocks and releases the sciatic nerve that runs through it. Relief! Hope this helps some one. Has someone tried this too? What are your thoughts?

  2. Martin says:

    After my siatic pinched nerve problems I recovered gradually. However after the last pinched nerve attackabout 3years ago, I now walk with a limp…is there any solution?

  3. Dave says:

    Hi , I could hardly walk or walk only with great pain a number of years ago. I had a back operation for a prolapsed disc , which seemed to work. But a few months later another disc ruptured and I was back in the same situation. I started thinking , why would our bodies evolve over millions of years to keep breaking , it didnt make sense.
    So I started to look at nutrition . I found out lots of reasons why I should change my diet to a lot more healthy option.It took me a while to give up all my favourite non foods. I eventually got there and after a year or so my pain had got a lot better and I was walking for a fair distance.A year or so later I was regualrly running 5km and doing heavy work again. I now also play local league badminton.I have now been studying diet and nutrition for 19 years and have a diploma in nutrition because of my journey. I now believe it is possible to cure yourself of many lifestyle diseases and once again have a wonderful life.

  4. Neil says:

    I am not able to find a book because I am so far away,so I still need a help to know about herbal tea.

  5. Amalia says:

    This is an excellent program all around,lots of thanks for sharing it!!

  6. Grigor says:

    I get lately extrema problemas with myciática nerv, that really immobilise me for days!

  7. Monica says:

    There is another way to heal back pain, as explained in the book. This has worked for me and for several friends to whom I’ve recommended the book.

  8. Joshua says:

    Thanks for providing an alternative to drugs. I’m 75 years of age. I was using many of your food recommendations in my 20’s. I retired and relocated to the Tennessee community. No parks, gyms etc. Two years ago I found myself facing something that mimics gout. I am trying to reinvent my life and you totally make sense. Thanks for your help and common sense advice. This really is not rocket science.

  9. Henry says:

    I had a herniated disc that was pressing on the sciatic nerve to such an extent that walking was excrutiating. The neurosurgeon diagnosed it like that twice and I had to have surgery done to make more space in my spine as the disc keeps herniating in to that space. I have only recently after 5 years of no sciatic pain started to have that pain again and it is from the herniated disc in the lower lumbar region.

  10. Patricia says:

    Physical therapy is also a very beneficial option for relieving sciatica pain.

  11. Oliver says:

    My spine has been compressed for so many years now that I have to be very careful what I do to it. Even the physiotherapist gave up on it. But I believe the essential oils will make a difference, just waiting for my stuff to arrive to try it out.

  12. Patrick says:

    My problem is I suffer from FIbromyalgia which is causing a lot of muscle spasm which I have suffered from since I was 16 and it is pushing my vertebrae together and causing more damage and pain so I am working on using essential oils to help reduce the muscle spasms and also to reduce the inflammation caused from the herniated discs. I have been advised not to go to a Chiropractor as my spine could be damaged by any adjustments done.

  13. Helen says:

    I love the format that you use to give us information, tips and advice:It is clear and to the point.It is repeated several times in different formats.It is to the point.There is no sales pitch that has to be navigated before you give us the info.

  14. Zach says:

    I’ve just begun wearing orthotics, which are said to improve my posture, which seems to be helping with my sciatica. Make sense? Too bad it can’t reduce arthritic knee pain.

  15. Leah says:

    I would like to request for your offer of free books that would be of great help in my present condition of movable pain from hip to my feet. I have tried oil but seems no effect. I woud appreciate if you can send this reading material you offer. Thank you,may God’s blessing help us to be blessing to one another.

  16. Jesika says:

    I used to have a very severe form of sciatica… But, now I remember it only as a bad dream!I’m a busy person, so I had no time to visit professional physiotherapist, get a massage, acupuncture etc. I didn’t know what to do and the pain was killing me, I could barely fall asleep. So, I did a research hoping to find something that could help me. And guess what?

  17. Vicky says:

    I found one e-book which taught me a lot about sciatica, it’s symptoms, causes and how to cure it. I followed it carefully and I completely got rid of my sciatica in 1 week! Can you believe that? It thought it’s a miracle, but then I did some more research about this e-book and found a lot of satisfied readers who also claimed that they cured they sciatica fast.

  18. Wendy says:

    Doesn’t magnesium deficiency play a role in nerve issues. Why are supplements/ foods containing magnesium being suggested?

  19. Eddy says:

    Thank you for the information. I went to Doctor regarding my sciatic nerve pain, and all i got was pain pills. The info you give at least lets me know there are exercises and stretching I can do, which i have already started doing. keep up the good work.

  20. Randy says:

    I have been having nerve pain in my ankle for almost 3 years now. All of a sudden, I have a sciatica pinched nerve and it triggers all the way down to my calf on my right side. It is starting at my lower right butt cheek and my back. It makes me so tired and I have serious trouble sleeping at night. I am exhausted. I use heat and ice packs. The ice slows down the pain very little.

  21. Karen says:

    Thanks for good information that does not push one to buy something. It is a relief to know there are people out there who just simply desire to help others.

  22. Tony says:

    My brother is suffering from severe sciatic pain. He is going through medication and physiotherapy for one month, but no sign of improvement. He can’t even stand straight. Please suggest what should we do? Please suggest some massage or exercises to put him into straight posture.

  23. Keara says:

    Hi , I could hardly walk or walk only with great pain a number of years ago. I had a back operation for a prolapsed disc , which seemed to work. But a few months later another disc ruptured and I was back in the same situation. I started thinking , why would our bodies evolve over millions of years to keep breaking , it didnt make sense.

  24. Jeremy says:

    Thanks for the tips everyone Im new to experiencing horrible sciatic pain, and very thankful for the info, I’m trying to resist going to the hospital, this is my first time with sciatic neve pain will this be an ongoing problem.. will the pain return and is it from heavy lifting or any ideas as to how to prevent this from happining again thank you for any help.

  25. Shane says:

    I am facing this pain for last 3 weeks. Doing physiothrepay also taking medicines doing the above excersize but still it is there. I went to sea side and remain inside waves for around 5 hours , i went there after 2 years. so i guess something happened with my body and its still paining. is there any one who knows a quick therpay? I m 28 years old. I have to sit a lot and travel while sitting. that is my routine.

  26. Gabriella says:

    Hi, I also suffer with the sciatic nerve pain, My nerve pain is always in my lower back, the pain very rarely travels through my leg, the worst part of sciatic nerve pain, for me, are the constant back spasms it brings, the spasms are so strong, it takes my breath away with each explosive spasm! Does this happen to all who suffer with sciatic nerve damage? What do you suggest in using, when our back spasms, take us to our knees? These last two days, I’ve had to crawl, from one room to another, its just too painful to stand, any help, will sure be a blessing, thank you!

  27. Travis says:

    Hi! I like to thank you for this informative web sight. I’m new to this sciatic nerve pain and the systems I’m experiencing are right on. It helps to deal with conditions when your more familiar and have a better understanding of it. And thanks to those involved in the design and lay out of this sight. It was to the point that helps to start applying these suggestions promptly.

  28. Ivy says:

    Thanks for the info. Although I’m not in “pain”, my symptoms are spasms, numbness and not being able to walk or stand on my left leg. It usually happens when I stand up or change positions while sitting or laying in bed. I’ve been to the emergency room 3 times in the past two weeks with no diagnosis. I truly hope the exercises and massage therapy will “fix” me. I get dizzy spells along with the spasms and it’s affecting my ability to work.

  29. Ophelia says:

    This can be one of the worst pains to have to live with aside from the pain in my wrists from my car-pul tunnel syndrome. When they offered me the epidural to relieve the sciatica pain I figured that would be immediate relief and couldn’t wait, little did I know more often then not it doesn’t work, and I wouldn’t be able to get my injections in my wrists,which always helps. Now I have to deal with the two types of pain in the lower and upper parts of my body. I’m gonna try some of the suggestions and hopefully get some relief, although my hands hurt so bad massaging is out of the question. Thanks everyone for sharing.

  30. Leo says:

    I’ve been dealing with sciatic nerve pain for over 3 weeks straight this has been the worst 3weeks ever the pain is unbareable uncomfortable to sit, lay down, stand all around annoying I’ve notice when I apply a heating pad against my back the pain shoots down to my ankle which is just excruciating I hope I find something to ease the pain

  31. Peter says:

    I have been dealing with sciatica for the past few months and it can really be hard to deal with. The shooting pains into my leg make working really hard and there have been a few instances where I have had to leave early because the pain was just too much. I have been looking for some home remedies to help me cope with this so I am glad that I came across this list! I will have to test out those exercises.

  32. Elizabeth says:

    Please can you tell me which compresse weather hot or cold should be used in which situation of sciatica my dad is in severe pain.please tell some if know any.

  33. Keith says:

    Hi! I have suffered for 8 months refusing to take painkillers. Then it hit me. I started to use combination of turmeric, boswellia and fish oil pills. Within days the pain faded. And within a month I was healed. I used no pharma garbage, only herbs and cold compresses. Never hot compresses as the nerve in the leg is inflamed. Heating it, will worsen the inflammation. Furthermore lie down with legs up and feet flat on the couch. It will relieve your back!

  34. Frudo says:

    Thanks for the advice! I’m trying to help a dear friend of mine who is in continuous pain daily. He has tried heat compressions, DOESN’T work. He’s taking pain pills every night to kill the pain. My prayer is that this home remedy works for him. Thanks again for sharing your experience!

  35. Camelia says:

    Thank you so much for such a useful information!!!

  36. Robertha says:

    Thanks for the information. My medical providers have just poo-pooed this condition. Never an explanation or info re: home management. “Just take this pill.”

  37. Nancy says:

    Thanks for the information. My medical providers have just poo-pooed this condition. Never an explanation or info re: home management. “Just take this pill.”

  38. Eleonor says:

    I had it so bad it felt like hot water pouring down my leg, couldn’t sleep even on anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxer, nuerotin ! My leg was so stiff and hard from muscle spasms. I tried a remedy of just one that I had at the house- You boil milk with some water in it and put 4 or 5 cloves of garlic, I had minced garlic so I put 4 or 5 spoons of it in it. You stir and lightly boil it till it reduces down some, then I strained it and added some sugar- it took maybe 15 minutes and I could feel the fire leaving the nerve, I read to drink it 2 x day for a week or till you feel better. Thank God for something that worked, I was about to give up…

  39. Mitica says:

    I have had sciatica, about 2 years now, but have tried many things. I find taking extra strong turmeric, from holistic store all natural, plus use real time pain relief, from Amazon, I can at least do things as natural as possible without taking drugs!

  40. Georgiana says:

    Thank u for d information 🙂 I m dealing with this from past five days .. I m having harrible pain 🙂 can’t walk ,sit ….its too paining 🙂 I m taking pain killers too with that .. As I HV small baby .. Need to tale care of her .. This I m experiencing for d first time

  41. Utas says:

    Why is it that people who leave comments cannot spell anything correctly? I have sciatic nerve “pain” which I would describe as more aggravating than excruciating. It keeps me wake at tonight because I cannot get my leg into a comfortable position .I am fine during the day when I am up and about but laying down is the trigger and I am very tired due to sleep loss.I am trying some exercises intended to relieve some of the pressure on the nerve. I can’t say they are doing much. I am seeing a spine Dr. in 8 days and hopefully he will be able to do something to alleviate this for me. Right now it is every night but it has been just on occasion that I have a bad night. I think going up and down stairs gets it flared up.I am taking advil, 2 every 4 hours : I have tried aleve, 2 over 24 hours and the past two nights I have taken 10mg ooxycodone. Has anyone had surgery and was it successful?

  42. Nikki says:

    Thanks for this info it helps relieved the pain

  43. Dragos says:

    I am unable to bend nd I have a lot of pain so what should I do of this pain

  44. Leila says:

    I have used accupuncture witb great success, combined with chiropractic. Within one week of onset and two treatments all of my muscle spasms were gone, pain level decreased 90% and I did not need any more meds. My insurance covered the Chiropractic but not the acupuncture and so I had to pay that myself. I’ve used a lot of ice and stretching and haven’t had any muscle spasms this for 3 years.

  45. Innes says:

    I had sciatica flare up on 12 june 2016 and doctor prescribed pain pills and PT. PT ( physical therapy) guy had me do some 1/2 push-ups, leaving your pelvis on the mat as much as possible. At the max extension of the push-up simply exhale everything in your lungs and he would apply downward pressure in my lumbar area. Do this 10 times and rest. I repeated this 4 times in the PT area and several more times at home. Sciatic pain is gone. He explained that this forces the sciatic nerve to move and in some cases it releases the ‘pinched’ condition. Not recommended if you have obvious disk and spine issues but it sure helped me.

  46. Robery says:

    I had sciatica flare up on 12 june 2016 and doctor prescribed pain pills and PT. PT ( physical therapy) guy had me do some 1/2 push-ups, leaving your pelvis on the mat as much as possible. At the max extension of the push-up simply exhale everything in your lungs and he would apply downward pressure in my lumbar area. Do this 10 times and rest. I repeated this 4 times in the PT area and several more times at home. Sciatic pain is gone. He explained that this forces the sciatic nerve to move and in some cases it releases the ‘pinched’ condition. Not recommended if you have obvious disk and spine issues but it sure helped me.

  47. Betty says:

    I received back injections for my sciatica a couple of weeks ago and since then my sciatica pain/discomfort has increased to where I can barely walk. when I talked to my doctor about this he could not give me an answer other than I guess we will have to try another injection. I told him no thanks. I still can’t walk.

  48. Miha says:

    Excellent info on sciatica. It’s very common nowadays and even with the various medications available, natural relief methods are always the best.

  49. Anne says:

    I had a few attacks of sciatica pain as an adolescent, then no more, Thank God. Now on reading this well explained hub, I think it could be because I did a little of such yoga. Voted up and useful!

  50. Marie says:

    Sciatica seems to appear often in teens, perhaps it’s the combination of sitting and carrying heavy books for school? I’m so glad you found lasting relief – yoga does work wonders for sciatica!

  51. Babel says:

    Great info! Sciatica started for me in college. I’m sure the books were a major factor. Regular exercise and stretching are really the only ways I know to get long-term relief. Heat and drugs absolutely help with flare-ups, but GI bleeding is a problem for some people who take NSAIDs, especially in high doses or for long periods. Good hub, voted up.

  52. Andreea says:

    I’ve had many problems over the years with sciatic nerve pain and found your hub spot on. Excellent hub!

  53. Alessia says:

    This is a very useful hub and a great reference source, nifwiseirff. I’ve bookmarked your article, because I have experienced sciatica on several occasions – although not for some time, thankfully. Thank you for the information.

  54. Costy says:

    Please help me…..i am 23 years old and having sciatica pain in my right leg from very last 1 year and i am not getting relief after consulting so many orthopedicians and physiotherapists. Even i do excercises regularly. Please help i am worried now.

  55. Teresa says:

    This is helpful. i experience the pain sometimes and ts so painfull and i did went to the doctor 2008 and they couldint tell me exactly what the course of the pain. it cums and go. i went through a lot in my life and i know that’s the course of this chest pain. it atack me after i work out or if i think a lot. i don’t really know how to deal with this pain. i would really apreciate if somebody tell me how to deal with it. please

  56. Valy says:

    sciatica doesn’t normally cause chest pain — did you mean back pain? I certainly understand how difficult life events can cause ongoing pain problems (I have quite a few that cause chronic problems).

  57. Rebbeca says:

    Gabapentin does help for the nerve pain when trying to sleep it is a direct pain targeter and relaxer so it makes you very groggy and only to be taken at night. It is a narcotic so you can’t just stop taking it cold turkey, you can actually get seizures. So you must dose down slowly to have no side effects. Now massage doesn’t really help, just because massaging makes it extremely painful. But hot tubs jets combined with the hot water is the best help i find.

  58. Megan says:

    It’s true that you have to taper off of gabapentin to avoid withdrawal effects, but it technically isn’t a narcotic. I take it for MS-related neuralgia and spasticity, and it helps a great deal. I hadn’t heard of it being used for acute pain, but if it relieves sciatica for some people, that’s excellent.

  59. Sony says:

    Thanks for the great information. I only get an occasional twinge from my sciatic and it sometimes hurts a little on rainy days. Guess I’ll try to add more fruit and vegetables to my diet and I do like to use plenty of fresh lemon juice. Passing this on.

  60. Daniella says:

    I’m 30 and I got sciatic pain in my leg about four weeks ago. My dr. thinks I pulled a muscle that is pressing against the nerve. While I didn’t feel pain in my back, my mobility and able to walk was greatly hindered by pain. I’ve been on pain relievers and muscle relaxers for about a week now. In the past couple days, my mobility has returned pretty much completely and I have no great pain standing up etc…but the sciatic pain in my leg is still there and at times just as strong. Is this normal? I’m optimistic because of my mobility returning..but the face the pain is still just lingering there and in all reality still making it impossible for me to walk normally is worrying me.

  61. Becky says:

    I am having the pain since three years.I did physiotherapy.It worked.The pain was gone after three months of regular physiotherapy.Bad news is it is still not a permanent solution.I am looking for a permanent solution.I will follow some of your tips like supplements.

  62. Yolanda says:

    I have experience sciatic pain from time to time because I drive long distance to work. Your hub has given me a lot of tips and information in treating this condition if it shall return. Thanks!

  63. Raymond says:

    I have this severe back pain in my right side since last year of december. I am a cashier and i lift some heavy stuff. I never knew abt siatica until he told me abt it. Last night when i lift kid’s table i hear my back popped and the pain ia like thunder that attacks my back down to my right leg. Im so glad i found ur site and im trying all the exercise little by little. I just remember to use my heating pad cause that helps me a lot when i had it last yr. Thank u much for all the tips and info you shared. God bless us all.

  64. Natasha says:

    You have added a great deal more information in all the responses to your followers. I keep checking back for all the shared experiences. This is the longest I have gone without a shot, so every little but helps for relief.

  65. Delia says:

    hello suffering from scatic pain since 3 months……i have just stated exercises and i am doing better now…….but can anyone please tell me how many days will it take to get cure permanantly from this pain….please help me guys…

  66. Sophie says:

    I was happy to see you wrote an article on sciatica as my husband suffers from this pain frequently. He manages it with exercises and stretches. We purchased a heel stretcher from Amazon that’s specifically for plantar fasciitis and that’s worked wonders. It seems everything is connected! I’ve never heard of the Alexander technique and will look into it, hopefully for more permanent relief.

  67. Brenda says:

    You have a lot of great information here very helpful. I can’t really count all the aches and pains I have inflicted on myself while practicing martial arts over the years. The most important thing I have learned is regular activity and good stretching goes a long way in not only curing sciatica pain but avoiding it in most cases. Sciatica can be caused by many different things and discovering the cause of the pain is always the first step. After that we are better able to go about curing it. I love your page and appreciate all the hard work you have obviously gone through to bring this information to us all.

  68. Miriam says:

    Thanks! I did not find any relief through medications (as I can’t take anti-inflammatories, and my sciatica is soft-tissue/inflammation based). I’m hope that your experience in fighting this naturally can help!

  69. Pristine says:

    I found rolfing to be far too painful! Better to soften and mobilise the muscles in a gentler way, at least for me! Magnesium and potassium are definitely great for preventing cramps and muscle spasms.

  70. Greta says:

    Great natural solutions to back pain which can be sooo painful. I have had a few. I wish I had this hub for solutions. Thanks for sharing and I am going to bookmark, up vote and of course share.

  71. Felix says:

    I had a fall and re-injured my prolapsed L5 S1 disk. My previous injury was nothing in comparison to the absolute agony I felt this time. I was totally bedridden, unable to move more than a couple of steps from my bed. I was carried to the doctor and ER but only more strong painkiller could help me. My doc referred me to physical therapy and not even they would touch me. Looking for any solution to this agony…

  72. Brone says:

    This exercises for sciatica pain is an excellent workout! I have personally used it to get rid of my sciatica pain. It also helps to stabilize the lower back muscles.

  73. Anna says:

    I have chronic sciathic pain all down and up my left leg constant agony its ruining my life I’m 27 can’t work I’m beautician can’t walk or go anywhere even doin simple tasks like washing the dishes is not possible.I have lots bulging discs in lower are useless given me no help its cost me a fortune been to chiro and due to chance the epidural.its making me depressed just cry its so intense.I would not wish it on my worst enemy.its like this 10months now all due to a guy tripping me on a night out.never before had any trouble.

  74. Mags says:

    Thankyou so much! I am 20 years old and work in a pretty full on physical job. Was diagnosed with sciatica after I had a disk pop. As if the disk didn’t hurt enough, the sciatica is continuing long after my back has felt better. I find that once I start moving, I am fine with most tasks (avoiding lifting and bending of course!) But the minute I sit down for 15 minutes or more, my whole right leg is painful and often goes numb! To get up and move about is excruciating! Which sucks after a long day at work all you want to do is sit and relax a moment! The exercises are fantastic and I have started doing them first thing in the morning, which gets me through work! I have also found light pilates exercises and swimming incredibly beneficial! All the best to you all and thank you for the advice!!!

  75. Margui says:

    Any pregnancy advise for sciatica. Can take any meds can’t spends lots of money on chiropractors for 8months.

  76. Pitt says:

    Very informative. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I have a lot of problems with sciatic pain so this was very nice to read 🙂 Thank you.

  77. Kelly says:

    I’ve suffered for 5 years now with what has been diagnosed as sciatica, and it’s getting worse. Tried everything possible, chiropractic therapy, acupuncture, pt, tens unit, specialized back clinic therapy, therapeutic massage (just completed 6 weeks), couldn’t take the meds my doc prescribed cause they caused dizziness and stomach upset. The neurosurgeon’s opinion was an inflamed piriformis muscle. The massage therapist indicated that the sacro was “frozen” (immovable). She also mentioned the possibility of “entrapment”, but I can’t find anyone who can accurately diagnose the problem or treat it. My right leg has shrunk more than an inch in the upper thigh region, and I’ve fallen flat on my face due to weakness. Where do I go from here?

  78. Gloria says:

    Having been dealing with sciatica pain for over 3 months now–and have somewhat good days and not so good days–take too many advil, tylenol, aleve, wish i never have to take them again. Hope someday that will be true. I have gone to a chiropractor, have had 3 acupuncture treatments, I exercise regularly, not overweight. I do work on my feet. I can’t believe there are so many people out there with this same dibilitating problem–I too would never wish this on my worst enemy. Some of your stories are so much worse than mine–and I truly feel your pain! I just want to scream –and want it to go away forever. I pray for all of you. Thanks for listening.

  79. Michael says:

    Thank you so much for this beautifully written and comprehensive article. My wife has suffered with sciatica for years and has tried so many methods and treatments during that time. This hub points out some things we haven’t tried. I am passing this info on to my wife right away. Thanks again!

  80. Vanessa says:

    This was very helpful.. I have dealt with this since I was a child due to a ATV accident and it became worse after an ectopic pregnancy which lead to lots of nerve damage and epilepsy.

  81. Sean says:

    I have been recommended serrapeptase and have just started taking it – will keep you posted if any reduction in sciatic pain

  82. Ada says:

    Helpful tips for reducing sciatic nerve pain naturally. I especially like that you provide a variety of options,

  83. Sue says:

    Hello! I’m typing this while recovering from a bout of Sciatica. It’s my first serious bout (I’m 52) and awaiting an MRI scan to identify the cause. I’ve had a couple of falls (down the stairs) many years apart which I think may have contributed to the problem. The falls were not serious, I mean I got up and walked away feeling sore and bruised but I just carried on and felt a bit daft. Both times I landed on my back and bounced down a few stairs. I’ve had twinges for years but they often went away after a few days and were not painful. I guess because I’m older now I’m less resilient which accounts for the latest bout which has been very painful indeed. I take painkillers (over the counter stuff) with a muscle relaxant and a nerve tablet and get great relief although I do feel quite groggy. I have found the info on this site very helpful and once I’ve found out the cause, I’ll take the advice here on board. Many thanks and good luck to all those who suffer, I really hope you find what works for you.

  84. Oscar says:

    lots of information. I was run over when I was 15, ( by a tractor.) healing from parental prayers and faith in God occurred. Then later (in my thirties) I experienced low back pain to the point of desperation. healing again, when I felt a divine hand press on my back while in an Alaska village, with no more chronic low back pain. now in my fifties, I now use natural herbs to help relax my shoulders, neck, and back, while still working in physically stressful jobs. some of my sciatic pain is triggered by riding a bicycle in the summer, plus being a little bit of a heavy framed guy. I limit myself on how many hours standing on a job, or driving on another job I do. I have learned several of the techniques you listed in your article/ research as well. very well written, with links and shared resources!

  85. Allan says:

    I had Sciatica for many years and now I’m completely heal. My cure is Yoga and breathing exercises, prayers. That’s it, totally gone!

  86. Kathleen says:

    I just what I need too! I have issues with my sciatic nerves all the time. Thank you for this piece, I have bookmarked it for reference and will share it with friends!

  87. John says:

    I have terrible back pain and this hub was just all kinds of helpful. Thank you!!

  88. Helen says:

    Need something for chronic muscle pain in bum and legs muscles

  89. Donna says:

    A physical therapist taught me this. Lie on the floor flat on your back. Draw up knee, aim toward opposite shoulder and gently pull down. To tweak this for a better stretch, with your other hand pull heel down while supporting the knee in the same position. This stretches the muscles that cross the buttocks and releases the sciatic nerve that runs through it. Relief! Hope this helps some one.

  90. Dominic says:

    After my siatic pinched nerve problems I recovered gradually. However after the last pinched nerve attackabout 3years ago, I now walk with a limp…is there any solution?

  91. Roland says:

    Hi sandra lie on floor pull one by one leg towards middle of chest how far it goes and hold for at least 1mint .Then hold both legs togather and pull toward middle of chest trust me get good result in 15 days

  92. Chris says:

    Hi , I could hardly walk or walk only with great pain a number of years ago. I had a back operation for a prolapsed disc , which seemed to work. But a few months later another disc ruptured and I was back in the same situation. I started thinking , why would our bodies evolve over millions of years to keep breaking , it didnt make sense.
    So I started to look at nutrition . I found out lots of reasons why I should change my diet to a lot more healthy option.It took me a while to give up all my favourite non foods.

  93. Felicia says: is in her mind sixties and she have been suffering from what sounds like sciatic pain please help us on how we can bring relief to he constant pain.

  94. Judy says:

    I had taken 3 shots 2 years ago for my sciatica but then I was still feeling a lot of pain after that, so I didn’t go back for my another scheduled shot..and I am having a loss of muscle in my left leg.i know that it’s because of my leg is not having enough blood circulation.Any suggestions on how to rebuild muscle?

  95. Stephanie says:

    Just want a few suggestions for some relief of pain,I also suffer from this, pain shooting Down both legs , sometimes unbearable! Also have blown discs and arthritis through back,neck.

  96. Sharyn says:

    I had sciatica down both legs from a smashed disc after childbirth.It was very painful. My dad was a Chiropractor and Naturopath and put me on trace minerals(calcium,magnesium,selenium,zinc,etc) and high in manganese. It took a year of taking them every day and I did a core exercise where I stood against a flat wall or door frame with my back flat against the wall and slid up and down without straining my knees. That was 39 years ago and I haven’t had lower back problems since and I work at a warehouse on concrete floors all day. Your body can heal itself if you give it the right help.

  97. Alie says:

    I used to have the worst sciatica pain issues from having a ruptured disc in my low back but after a lot of pain and a lot of weight gain I realized that movement was my BEST FRIEND!!

  98. Doug says:

    I have sharp pain down right leg only after sitting. Pain is so bad I want to fall but after taking a few steps it seems to feel better. It’s been about a week and the pain is unbearable. I drive 6 to 7 hours a day for a living and I feel the pain is more excruciating when I get out of the vehicle. Any suggestions?

  99. Milic says:

    Vitamin B complex works like a charm for me. Eliminates pain after a few days, after which I only take it when I feel a little discomfort. It’s been 8 years.

  100. Abie says:

    I have read all through a lot of these questions and comments. I was convinced that what I have trouble with is sciatic nerve pain. BUT…I have a huge lump where the pain starts. About the size of a golf ball on left side, very bottom of my back. Of touched or agitated a piercing pain runs down to my toes! Any ideas? Or anyone else experience this?

  101. David says:

    the most common cause of sciatica is SI joint dysfunction. L4 innervated sensation of the medial calf and L5 is the lateral calf. S1 and S2 (omitted in the drawing) innervated the posterior thigh and the bottom of the foot the “textbook” radiation of sciatica.

  102. Enid says:

    My mom was diagnosed with spinal stenosis. Her pain level has hit beyond 10 at times. She is 93 and I was wondering what is the best way for her to achieve pain relief. The pain runs all the way down the left leg. It is so intense that it is crippling her. She went to see a pain specialist yesterday. She did some pt but she was in too much pain before she even got home.

  103. Julia says:

    Sciatica can be caused by a range of different problems, including a herniated disc in the spine, spinal infections, repetitive injuries, enlarged ligaments…and many more. Performing the wrong exercise for the underlying cause of your sciatica could actually make your pain worse – and may increase the time taken for a full recovery.

  104. Rick says:

    Sciatica or lower back pain is caused by a chemical that is endogenously produced in our bodies by oxidation of lipids It is also a metabolite of certain chemotherapy drugs and endogenously found in smoke both cigarette as well as the burning of other organic materials. What acrolein does is scavenge the synovial fluid from between the joints which can lead to extreme pain

  105. George says:

    Years ago, I developed sciatica after stepping on a tree root while walking through the woods. My foot went sideways at a weird angle. Later, I had shooting pains all the way up my leg, trouble walking and sitting, and had to sleep on the floor. I found this and it seems to help me with the pain.

  106. Karen says:

    I recently misstepped off a curb and have been diagnosed with piriformis syndrome. I’ve had sciatica issues that were manageable for a long time. My physical therapist suggested that I may have torn a muscle. It’s 4 weeks later and 5 PT sessions and I’m not a bit better, maybe worse. I’m wondering if the exercise is actually harming me. Thoughts anyone?

  107. Michael says:

    Thank you for your inspiring newsletter! As a Posture Therapist, I can share unequivocally that a muscle imbalance causes the pinch. Some structure is out of alignment due to a unique and individualized muscle tightness and pinches on the sciatic nerve. Drugs cannot cure this condition.

  108. MARILYN says:

    I had what I believe was sciatica. Pain in hip, buttocks, radiating down leg. Bought a small hot tub and used jet to blast on painful areas. Over time the pain disappeared completely and seldom returns. Ymmv.
    Massage by husband also gave excellent relief between times.

  109. Garcia says:

    I think this will help my back pain and the nerve pain so thank you so much.

  110. Yivette says:

    Is this ok to do while pregnant?

  111. Gabriel says:

    I hope someone can add some light on my issue. I was in a car accident Friday March 13th where I fell asleep and ditched my car causing a sudden stop. The airbag caused more cosmetic issues than the actual stop. Had a full top torso CT and did have some blood hemorrhaging. This was followed up with another CT on April 28th and was all good. My problem now is my sciatic nerve has been pain. After sleeping (and I sleep very well) getting up during the night to use the bathroom is very painful. I have even crawled a couple of times. Usually the pain feels like a Charlie horse and runs down my left leg to my foot and once in a while down the right leg. During the day I can get around without too much pain. I sit and drive without any problem. A hot bath seems to help. I have started physical therapy (2 treatments). Will be having 2 per week and I have been to the chiropractor. Ex-rays show I have spondylolisthesis. Will Yoga help along with physical therapy and if so which exercises be beneficial?

  112. Mick says:

    I have nerve pain coming from my hip but the pain is in the front of my thigh

  113. Angela says:

    It really works that way, we put to much strand or the muscle, spine, or get to steef, lack of exercises developing pain. If we do practice stretching moves and down dog, slow and easy, pain will disappear …

  114. Xena says:

    Thanks for sharing.. very helpful & I get some relief after this practices.

  115. Tommie says:

    This was quite interesting. I cant stop moving. I got to get this corrected. I’m almost 50 yrs young. I got to musch to do so I better get started. Thanks for your support

  116. Robert says:

    Great information and video. I am on the way to relief. Thank you.

  117. Wagner says:

    Can acupuncture help sciatica ?

  118. Sharon says:

    Thanks for the read , I’m going to get into all those stretches , mine is bearable if I’m standing but dreadful if I sit then I can hardly walk , I’m a runner & it seems to flare up when I sprint , I’m thinking I need to strengthen something but not sure what.

  119. Karen says:

    Thanks for this information. Great knowledge most helpful

  120. Valy says:

    Thanks for such a good website. What should I do as my MRI report shows”Disk prolapse at L4/L5 with anular tear sign in addition to mild degeneration changes nerve compression. thanks

  121. Nancy says:

    My husband x ray normal but still pain medicine not effect can’t bend leg to much pain

  122. Ginna says:

    Would you recommend swimming or foam rolling?

  123. Yaman says:

    A great website. My MRI results says that ;1. L4/L5 broad based right paracentral disc prolapse with marked compression of the adjacent neural foramen 2. diffuse posterior annulus bulge at L5S1 with minimal biforaminal compression 3. focal annulus tear at L5S1. Am lucky to have taken the MRI here in Kenya and am looking for way forward with exercises and this is a great site.

  124. Felicia says:

    Very helpful

  125. Mirabela says:

    I’m 43 and for the first-time right now I have a sciatica problem Hurts my ankle real bad up through my butt. I can’t drive and that is how I earn a living. I need help so I can get back to work asap. I like your videos Ice, laying on stomach really helps and leg stretchs. Hopping to get better with your help thanks for the videos Helps me learn.

  126. Lavinia says:

    I got this lower back pain mostly on my right buttocks & sometimes the whole lower back i’ve been doin lots of research re-sciatica but ur explanation is the best among them. Thanks for the help!

  127. Daiana says:

    Hello I have cerebral palsey. And one day I was just in a lot of pain I exercise regularly but after I had gotten hurt. I was scared to exercise I also do jui jitsu and that seems to make it feel better but the nerve bundles don’t get any smaller it doesn’t feel like knots. So I think its the nerves balking up please help!

  128. Elena says:

    Sciatica is the absolute worse. Mine started up after a simple bicycle accident (still blame my husband for that one! ) but fortunately I was able to get it under control. There are plenty of exercises designed to help relieve sciatic nerve pain. Good luck! I haven’t had any issues in the past few months.

  129. Larry says:

    This is the most and best information i have read since having this problem. My toes on foot on the right leg pain constantly – 2yrs down the road and still battling. Have it on the left as well.

  130. Tom says:

    I’ve had a spine fusion in jan 2014. All was ok until recently started with sciatica, went from my groin to the hip and then down the sides of my leg and into top of foot. I’ve tried all sorts, spent a fortune on therapy, I have found something that has given me relief and nearly sciatica free now, just the odd twinge late on in the day. Thanks for this program!!!!

  131. Jadice says:

    Hello, I’m a 21 year old female and I have been diagnosed with sciatica. But since I’ve been diagnosed I’ve been having horrible headaches and really bad neck pains. My doctor suggested a CT scan but I’m not sure what more they could tell me. I’m very apprehensive to get the CT scan because I’m kinda scared they are going to tell me I have a tumor or something. Need help please respond. Thanks.

  132. Louisa says:

    Hi was wondering if you could tell me what my symptoms lead to I have had lower back pain for well over a year now and symptoms include are back pain shooting pain down both legs,numbness in toes,a tingling sensation in calf and feet and stiffness in ankles , knee’s and back especially in mornings .I used to go out for walks but don’t any more as it gets to painful

  133. Silvia says:

    Hello I have been treated with a disc degeneration in my lower back. So I am worried. Can I regenerate my disc and how can I do it? Also I had a car accident about 20 years ago, which might be the major reason why my disc is degenerating. 20 years ago I was diagnosed with a bulging disc but treatment took take of that. So now I have the wear down of my disc over the past 20 years, can you please help me? Does this mean I have to eat a lot of omega 3 fish oil which allows better joint movement?

  134. Codruta says:

    I have been told by my Dr. that I have a nerve compression after I fell on my back ten years ago. I have lived with mild pain in my waist n left leg since. However the pain has been severe for the past 2 months with additional pain in my left big toe. What can I do to reduce if not eliminate this pain.

  135. Paul says:

    i have severe pain in my right leg and sometimes in my lower back as well…but no difficulty while sitting or standing or when i walk….please suggest some home made remedies

  136. Lia says:

    Doctor, I have been suffering from back and leg pain. I m 24 years old. At first I have done ECG of Leg for leg pain. Doctors said nothing happen. Then Pain increase to spinal cord too. Then I have done ECG of Pelvic and found the swelling of back bone and about to touch the nerve. This is my problem since 4 yrs .So sir plz help me to relief the disease.

  137. Katy says:

    Doctor, 3 weeks ago I was brought to the hospital because of this low back pain radiating to my legs as the doctor said I have slipped disc and sciatica. I’ve done lumbo sacral xray and the findings is this: Mild leftward convexity lumbar scoliosis minimally narrowed. L5-s1 disc space suggestive of degenerative disc. The doctor ordered therapy and MRI but I don’t have enough money to do all those things.. Can I do therapy on my own? what can you recommend doctor?

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